A Review of Poker-Edge 5 Poker Statistical Software

Review of Poker-Edge Software Online poker players have a wide choice of poker evaluation software that, when used correctly, helps players plug leaks in their game. No matter what level of player you are, interactive poker statistics software tools provide a serious player with the information they need to play better and more profitable poker. Poker-Edge 5 software is jam-packed with tools and features that, if used correctly to help you evaluate your play during and after play, will maximize one’s win rate.

Poker-Edge 5 is thoughtfully designed to provide the most relevant information with the least amount of user effort that is available to serious poker players today. Poker-Edge 5 helps you make better decisions while playing and tools to fix the leaks in your game as you analyze your play after you finish a session of play.

At the core of this amazing package is a powerful central database. Even before you begin play, the database contains literally billions of hands played by nearly 90% of all those playing online. This data stream is the fuel that stokes the fires of useful statistical information by providing the deepest and most accurate statistics on any player you may encounter during your play. Poker-Edge 5 has statistics from cash and tournament games from over 60 online poker rooms and it grows larger every day.

Because of its enormous database, Poker-Edge 5 has the most advanced Heads Up Display or HUD, on the market today. The program instantly recognizes your opponents, even if you have never played against them, and instantly provides an overlay of the most important statistics for the particular street you are currently playing. The HUD is displayed next to your opponent’s icon. There is even a custom button allowing you to set the particular statistics you need on any given street.

Detailed player reports provide a full analysis of any player, including yourself. With full filter control you can learn much about the style of play and weak points in your or your opponent’s game. Statistics are provided by street, positional analysis, text or graphic display, recent showdowns, hand replays and more.

You don’t have to do the math to compute pot odds or outs with this fantastic program because these are fully integrated into the package. You have complete control over whether or not to display pot odds and outs and even where on the board it should be displayed.

I truly love the Poker-Edge 5 package. I’m sure you will as well.

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