Advanced Poker Strategies For Tournament

Your position in a poker game is defined by the game plans and strategies adopted by you. All these strategies are directed to manipulate your opponent player’s intuitive thinking and decision making. The competitive strength of your opponents is the major criteria of choosing a suitable strategy. Being constantly mindful about the playing style of your opponents is necessary but once you are in control of a better game you must concentrate more on planning your moves.

Some of the major winning strategies are as follows:

* Learn to take stock of your probabilities by appropriating pot odds in relation to the odds of winning. When you are betting high either your odds of winning should be higher than your pot odds or you should be holding a strong hand.

* You can misjudge your opponents by blindly making calls in the first round of bets. This would confuse your opponents regarding the kind of hands held by you. Whenever you call for strong bets while holding a weak hand, you are actively bluffing. This encourages the other players to fold stronger hands.

* Your expressions and moves should be convincingly deceiving during the initial rounds. But as the game advances you must discreetly take a reverse approach making honest moves while others are expecting your indications and actions to be deceiving. This would baffle your opponent more than anything else which would give you the advantage of wrong moves made by them out of wrong guesses. The deceptive practice of entering low bets with superior hands is known as slow playing. Ignoring such strategies will render you quite transparent to your enemies.

* The whole team facing you might be taking a hard line, by reckless betting, frequent showdowns and constantly raising pots. But before you follow suit it would be wiser to consider your chances with the kind of hands you posses. It is better to take a silent approach to mask the potency of the combination of your hand.

* Do not be intimidated by the stacks held by your opponent. In case of deep stack tournaments you can have your chips the next day rather than playing too close with a low stack. Furthermore, if you have ample blinds you need not panic about losing chips.

* Use your blinds wisely at the right time. Before moving in your hands you should take into account the number of players left and what kind of call you would likely get. If you are pushing in Ace Rags you better do it in late position when there is less number of players.

* Never overvalue your challengers. Even under losing situations you should have complete presence of mind and always remember that one single move can turn things around.

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